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Love is a Cage - Mike Milazzo

Mike Milazzo ~ Love Is A Cage ~ MP3 Track Samples

01. Break (3:09)

02. The Show (5:33)
03. Angels (3:30)
04. Love is a Cage (2:11)
05. Spin Her (5:41)

06. Undone (4:30)
07. No Traveler (3:34)

08. Waste (3:09)
09. Eve’s In My Garden (3:59)
10. Feel You (5:20)
11. Going Home (3:12)
12. Sandy’s Song (3:09)

All songs written and performed by Mike Milazzo (guitars, vocals, mandolin, harmonica). Featuring Martin Stroh (drums) on “Break”, “Spin Her”, and “Undone”; Ed Wright (bass) on “Break”, “Spin Her”, and “Undone”; Jessie Shaffer (violin) on “Love is a Cage”, “No Traveler”, and “Waste”; Dan Ricker (keys) on “Undone” and “Waste”; Joe Yoga (bass) on “Going Home”; Callum Ingram (cello) on “Angels”, Rich Zackowski (bass) on “The Show” and “No Traveler”; Christian Hoffmeister (piano) on “Going Home”; Meg Griffin (vocals) on “Spin Her”

Available through Mighty Quinn Productions, amazon, itunes, and etc.

The World Outside - Mike Milazzo

Mike Milazzo ~ The World Outside  ~ MP3 Track Samples

01. Break My Skin 4:22
02. Don’t Call Me Baby 3:03
03. You Never Know 4:33
04. Decided 4:34
05. You May Be Right 2:47
06. Inspiration 2:48
07. Fishermans Blues 5:07
08. Heart Grown Cold 4:47
09. China West 3:06
10. The World Thinks 3:39
11. Chains 3:31
12. Waking Up 4:25

All songs written and performed by Mike Milazzo (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Mandolin). Featuring Martin Stroh (Drums & Percussion); Meg Griffin (Vocals) on “Decided” & “Break My Skin”; Joe Meo (Clarinet) on “You May Be Right”; Robin Gager (Violin) on “Fishermans Blues”; Stan Hammond (Organ & Piano) on “Decided” & “You Never Know”

Available through Mighty Quinn Productions,, Best Buy, and etc.


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